YouTuber Mythpat Gives The Sassiest Reply To A Troll Who Called Him 'Chor Bazaar Ka SRK' On Netflix's Latest Survival Show - Watch
Mythpat Mimic’s Shah Rukh Khan To Troll A Troll During Netflix’s Survival Show Based On The Fame Game!
(Pic Credit: Youtube/Netflix India)

Indian YouTubers are now gradually taking over the internet with their amazing content. From CarryMinati to Harsh Benniwal, these content creators are receiving millions of viewership and love from their audience. Amongst them, Youtuber Mythpat aka Mithilesh Patankar is gaining attention at a whole new level!

For the unversed, Mithilesh is a 23-years-old Indian on YouTube and is known for his Minecraft, GTA, Omegle, and many other comedy videos and streamings on YT.

Recently, the famous YouTuber Mythpat was seen with Aishwarya Mohanraj, Rj Abhinav, and Dhanashree Verma, attending a survival challenge by Netflix based on the show “The Fame Game”. During one of the game’s segment “Troll a Troll”, the YouTubers were challenged to respond some troll comments passed on them on social media platform. On Mythpat’s turn, his troll message read, “Chor Bazaar ka SRK.” Saying this out loud, we hear Myth giggle a bit at first but then, we see him showing his replying back with sass and his excellent mimicry skill as he spoke in Shah Rukh Khan‘s voice. While doing so he said, “Are yaar Chor nahi bolneka..hmm. i am the Don..yeah!!.”

Talking about Netflix’s survival challenge, there were many challenges set for Mythpat and the other content creators. The group started off with a drinking challenge where they had to drink a mocktail made of several ingredients. Before entering the Troll a Troll segment, we see them going through a fitness test as well where they were challenged to burn 300 calories altogether. The next and final segment was called “Kehena kya chahte ho?” where the group had to choose one person at a time, who would wear soundproof headphones and the other had to make him or her guess what movie or other pop culture reference were there in the bowl. After completing all the rounds, as a prize the content creators were able to meet ‘The Fame Game’ star Madhuri Dixit.

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On the other hand, The Fame Game is a Netflix special web series that has bagged a lot of love and praise from around the world. The series features Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, among others, and revolves around a story showing the consequences after one of the most famous celebrities goes missing.


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