Someone Makes “Maggi Laddoos” With Jaggery & Cashews, Foodies Say “Ghor Kalyug Hai”

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The world is facing the crisis of not only the coronavirus pandemic but also bizarre dishes which are being prepared by the food enthusiasts. While one chef comes up with Grape Pizza, another one tries to convince us that popcorn can still be crunchy even if it is mixed with vegetables, mayonnaise, sour cream and what not in the popcorn salad. Well frankly speaking, people may survive COVID-19 by following the safety guidelines but they just can’t save themselves from these weird dishes which are prepared by those who have the ability of thinking not only out of the box but out of the world as well.

Maggi is not just a food item but an emotion for many of us and nowadays a number of people are playing with our emotions (Maggi) by making unusual dishes with it. Today we are going to tell you about laddoos which are made by Maggi and surprisingly, they have both versions – sweet and spicy.

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In the sweet version, the crushed jaggery is cooked with cardamom powder and butter in a pan, then crushed Maggi is mixed in it and round laddoos are made from it.

Here is the video which will spoil your mood if you are a Maggi lover:

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In the spicy version, the boiled Maggi is mixed with capsicum, bread crumbs, oregano, cheese cube and chilli powder. The balls are made from the mixture, then it is put in the flour batter and later rolled in the crushed Maggi and ultimately it is fried.

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Here is the video for getting tortured:

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The netizens lost their cool after watching the videos and this is how they reacted:











Are you gonna try any of them?

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