Bob Odenkirk Was Bankrupt Before Landing A Role In Breaking Bad – Read On
Bob Odenkirk Aka Saul Goodman Was Bankrupt Before Landing A Role In Breaking Bad(Pic Credit: Episode Still)

Bob Odenkirk left everyone speechless with his ground-breaking performance in TV show Breaking Bad. The show, which was led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, become one of most loved household shows. But recently, Bob -who portrayed the character of lawyer Saul Goodman in the hit TV show, revealed the biggest secret about himself that is sure to leave you shocked.

During his recent interactions, Bob opened up about being offered the role and being bankrupt before landing on a role in Breaking Bad. Read on.

Speaking to Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show, Bob Odenkirk confirmed about going bankrupt and revealed that his manager got him a loan of $900,000 to ‘keep afloat’. He said on the radio show, “Yes, I was, which is crazy. What happened was I spent some time making some films, they weren’t great. I didn’t get paid a lot for them. I enjoyed directing them mostly. But I didn’t really have the direction I didn’t have vision for these things and this journey as a director. So I somehow got in this financial hole.”

Bob Odenkirk further added, “I got this phone call one morning from my business manager saying, “you have to sign this loan to keep afloat.” It was a weird call.” He went on to state, “Life was pretty good. I was doing these jobs and developing stuff and I get this phone call from assistant at the business manager. And she’s like, “Hi, we need to get this $900,000 loan” and I go, “What load?” she said, “you don’t know about this?” No, I never heard about any load.” And she’s like, “Oh okay, I’ll get someone else to call you” and she hangs up.”

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Moreover, he also opened up about playing Saul Goodman’s role in Breaking Bad and being sceptical about giving a nod to the show following which he contacted one of his friends.

Bob said on the same show, “I get a phone call, ‘They’re gonna offer you a role on “Breaking Bad. And I was like, ‘Dude, I haven’t said “no” in a year and a half — but maybe you didn’t notice that’.”

Bob Odenkirk went on to reveal, “I still checked it out, I still wanted to know what the hell the show was. I called a friend, somebody I’d been writing with, Reid Harrison, and he goes, ‘Oh, that’s the best show on TV. You gotta do that. That’s the best thing there is.’”


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