Luxury Brand Sells ‘Folding Chair Bag’ That Stores Just Nothing For Rs 66K, Netizens Go WTF

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The fashion industry has sprung some really big surprises for all of us in the recent past by coming up with unique or rather we should say bizarre creations and pricing them really high. If you remember, some time ago, a luxury brand came up with denim jeans and overall with fake grass strains which people can get on their denim by playing in field.

How can we forget to mention the trousers made with jute which is used to make bags that store potatoes, onions, etc. or the diamond studded face shield and the latest one was the necklace which resembled the phone cord which were used by people when smartphones were not available in the market.

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Now once again, a fashion brand has come up with a unique creation which is a crystal chair bag and it is priced at $908 (Rs. 66,400 approx.)

Here it is:

Take a closer look:

What will leave you in a state of shock is the fact that this bag is tiny in size and it is in the shape of a folding chair in which nothing can be stored, yes we repeat, literally nothing can be stored in this bag.

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A video in which an online user tells about this bag is going viral now and it won’t be wrong to say that netizens are losing their cool after watching this weird product.

First of all, watch the video:

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Here are some of the selected reactions:








What is your take on this bag, interested in buying?

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