Kaanta Laga Girl Shefali Jariwala Disclosed Why She Vanished From Industry After Hit Track

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The Indian pop music industry has provided us with many remix versions of old songs, while some of them were so good that they broke all the records, there were few which had been quite painful to ears. Well, it’s highly impossible that we talk about remixes and forget to mention “Kaanta Laga” which featured beautiful actress Shefali Jariwala and was certainly a trendsetter.

Everyone expected to see more of Shefali Jariwala after she was featured in the all-time hit track but what surprised everyone was that she got completely disappeared post “Kaanta Laga” and no one was able to understand why this happened.

Recently, in an interview, Shefali revealed the reason behind her disappearance and told that since a young age, she suffered epilepsy seizures because of which she was not able to take more work after “Kaanta Laga”.

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She added that she didn’t know when she would get next seizure and she had to bear all this for 15 years. However, the good thing is that it has been 9 years now that she is seizure free and she is really proud of herself as she managed depression, anxiety and panic attacks in a natural manner aided by a strong support system.

She told that she suffered from epilepsy seizure from the age of 15 yrs and it not only caused her massive anxiety but also affected her self-esteem in a big manner. She added that stress and depression can cause seizures and vice-versa and when she was 15 years old, she faced a lot of pressure to perform well in studies because of which she suffered seizures in classrooms as well as streets. Shefali also revealed that she had seizures backstage as well which brought down her self-esteem.

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We hope to see more of Shefali Jariwala now as she is a wonderful performer and a great dancer.

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