Crunched for time? Do these 4 mini-workouts to lose weight super fast

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If you don’t have enough time to work out, fret not! You can try these mini-workouts that will help you gain flexibility and tone your body.

In the day-to-day hustle, it’s hard to fit everything in! Meetings plus doing household chores takes up all our time, so much so that we don’t know how to make time for exercise. But what’s important to understand is that you don’t need endless hours of workouts; all that’s needed is some intent and 10 to 15 minutes, every single day. 

You may think only longer workouts are better, but that’s not true. These mini workouts are just as enough. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise — or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise — weekly. 

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But even if you can’t manage, these short workouts will do the trick. So, let’s go!

1. Cardio exercises

This cardio workout includes basic cardio exercises and then moves on to some
high-intensity, high-impact exercises.

exercises for flat bellyHigh knee is a fat killer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s the routine:

  • 30 seconds jog in place
  • 30 seconds high knee jogs
  • 30 seconds lunges
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds squats
  • 30 seconds burpee squats
  • 30 seconds ice breaker 
  • 30 seconds mountain climbers

Repeat three times!

2. Lower body workout

This workout will really work your lower body with five exercises that target the glutes, hips, and thighs.

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Here’s the routine: 

  • 4 sets of 8 pulsing squats 
  • 8 lunges with each leg
  • 8 deadlifts 
  • 12 one leg sit and slides
  • 12 wide squat weight exchange

Repeat three times!

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3. Chest workout

Your chest muscles in the upper body are equally important, and there are a variety of exercises to work every part.

Here’s the routine: 

  • 2 sets of 16 reps pushups
  • 2 sets of 16 reps chest flies
  • 10 reps Y chest press
  • 16 reps pushups 
  • 10 reps chest presses

Repeat three times!

4. Shoulders workout

This workout focuses on the deltoids—the front, medial, and rear deltoids.

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Here’s the routine: 

  • 2 sets of 12 reps overhead presses
  • 8 reps front, side, and lateral raises
  • 8 reps lateral raises with high-end pulses
  • 8 reps with 8 pulses per rep straight armband press
  • 16 reps per side rear delt fly band
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Repeat three times!

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