Academic Bank of Credit

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What is the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)?

Recently, the Prime Minister of India has announced the launch of the Academic Bank of Credit.

Academic Bank of Credit

  • It is an academic service mechanism for storing and transferring academic credits of a student. The scheme is in line with the new National Education Policy, 2020.It is envisaged as a digital bank that holds the credit earned by a student in any course.
  • It shall be established, on the lines of the National Academic Depository (NAD), which stores astudent’s academic documents and shall have a website providing all details of ABC.
  • It will be rolled out for students in over 290 top institutions from the current academic year 2021-22 onwards. All institutions in the top 100 of the National Institutional Ranking Framework as well as those who have achieved an A grade under the National Assessment and Accreditation Council will be allowed toparticipate in the credit transfer system.

What is the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)?

Key Features

  • Multiple Entry and Exit OptionsUnder the ABC, students will be given multiple entry and exit options. This enables students to leave a degree or course and get a corresponding certification & rejoin studies after a certain time and be able to start from where they had left.It will enable students to select the best courses or combination of courses to suit their aptitude.
  • Flexibility of Curriculum FrameworkIt shall be a national-level facility to promote flexibility of curriculum framework and interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic mobility of students across higher education institutions in the country.
  • Bank for Academic PurposesIt will be a bank for academic purposes with students as academic account holders to whom it shall provide a variety of services including credit verification, credit accumulation, credit transfer or redemption and authentication of academic awards.
  • Organisational Structure The organisational structure of an academic bank of credits shall be a digital or virtual or online store-house entity of the academic credit data base of a higher education institution with students as its stakeholder.
  • Credit Course DocumentIt will not accept any credit course document directly from the students for any course they might be pursuing, but only from higher education institutes, who will have to make deposits in students’ accounts. A student will get a credit score or marks against the course they have studied.


  • It will make the education sector more vibrant and accessible.
  • It will provide the opportunity for students to tailor their degrees or make specific modifications or specialisations rather than undergoing the rigid, regularly prescribed degree or courses of a single university or autonomous college.
  • It will also permit students to choose a pace for their studies along with the associated logistics and costs.

Which courses will be included in the Academic Bank of Credit under the new education policy?

It will cover all UGC approved Higher Institute courses as well as Engineering, Medical, Dental, Law and other professional courses. However, many of these courses will be regulated by different professional bodies. Their approval will be sought for the credit bank scheme.

Apart from this, government e-learning platforms like SWAYAM, NPTEL, V-Lab or any university courses will also be considered for transferring and storing credits.

What is the purpose of the ‘Academic Bank of Credit’?

ABC will credit the credits given by the registered institute to the accounts of the students. It will also validate the credit as per UGC guidelines and norms. The bank will only accept the credits given to the institutes and not to the students.

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